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About us

We empower your artistic journey with community, knowledge, and innovation


Our mission

At Open-folio, we’re on a mission to transform the contemporary art landscape into an accessible and thriving ecosystem. We’re dedicated to bridging the gap between artists, buyers, galleries, and the art-curious public. Our comprehensive suite of offerings includes skill-enhancing courses, resources and services- all designed to foster a mutually beneficial art ecosystem.

Our story

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Open-folio began as a response to a critical need in the art community.

As the way art is created and consumed, with artist’s now having to operate as businesses, we recognised the necessity for a hub where contemporary artists could access support and resources to grow professionally.

From the roots of this idea, Open-folio blossomed into an all-encompassing resource, nurturing artists’ careers and facilitating their continual creative growth.



Through continuous dialogue with our community, Open-folio has evolved from a simple idea into a dynamic resource hub.  We’ve expanded our services and tailored our offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of the contemporary art scene, ensuring that our platform remains at the forefront of innovation and support for artists.


The realisation that many talented artists were armed with creative prowess but lacked essential business skills sparked the creation of Open-folio. We want artists to feel empowered to take control of their careers and flourish in the art world.


Open-folio is here for the emerging artist seeking to establish themselves, the established creator looking to expand their reach, and the art enthusiast desiring to deepen their engagement with contemporary art. We're committed to inclusivity and proudly support the culturally diverse artist ecosystem.

Our offerings

We offer a wealth of resources – both complimentary and premium – to assist artists in their professional journey. It’s early days, but here’s what we have in the works:

Our values

Diversity, inclusivity, and advocacy are the cornerstones of Open-folio. We champion fair compensation for artists and strive to enhance the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts. Our commitment is to a fair and vibrant art community where everyone benefits.


The founder

Rosie Bird is the heart and brains behind Open-folio. A British/Australian artist with a rich background in the arts, Rosie’s expertise and passion are the driving forces that have shaped Open-folio into what it is today. 

Our promise

We promise to equip artists with the business acumen needed to succeed in the professional art world. By offering education and practical tools, we’re committed to opening up new revenue streams for artists and enhancing their ability to communicate and connect with the broader art market.

How can we help you?

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