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Hey you! What's your art about?

Creating art is a personal and solitary process. It goes against our nature to explain our art practice when art in itself is a form of expression.

However, it is no secret that the art world is hungry for “meaning” or “concept”. You may have some idea of what your practice is about or may have assigned an ambiguous explanation just to get people off your back. But do you really believe in what you are saying?

Is this you?


You can't answer "What's your art about?"

Your mind goes blank as you search for the deeper meaning in your art practice.


You feel like your art isn't clever enough

Other artist’s just seem to have that conceptual edge while your work feels one-dimensional


You just can't seem to keep up with the art world.

Through the art jargon, the expensive art events and air of exclusivity, you can’t help but feel like an outsider. 

We asked artists what their main considerations are when making art.


Concept was cited as the number 1 most important consideration when it came to creating art.


Artists expressed that exploration was a major part of the creation of art

Personal Significance

Most artists affirmed that personal significance played a large role in art creation.


Considering the visual impact of an artwork was a major consideration for the artists. 


Communicating their narrative is essential for many artists



Most artists are concerned with ensuring their artwork is original. 

This demonstrates how much artists value meaningful work, however they also shared that....

Their biggest challenge as an artist is 'confidence and mindset'

What can we do about this?


'So... What's your art about?'

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This FREE package will help you:

Define your artistic voice

Develop a unique and impactful artistic voice that sets you apart.

Deeply connect with your practice

Reflect on and identify the themes that resonate with you.

Discover influential artists

Brush up your knowledge and learn from established artists.

Shake imposter syndrome

Gain confidence in yourself and your art practice.

Know what's driving art

Understand how artists are responding to the world around them.

Conquer artist's block

Spark ideas with your new treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration.

'So...What's your art about?' eBook

What's inside?

This A-Z guide is your secret weapon that is packed with themes and case studies that will encourage you to shape and refine your art practice

A to Z guide

Organised alphabetically, covering a wide range of themes relevant to contemporary art.

Page per theme

Each page features bite sized content related to a specific theme.

Case Studies

Each page explores an artist who's practice responds to that theme.

Why 'meaning'?

We break down why art needs a concept and what actionable steps to take.

All this, plus:

Turn inspiration into action

With the bonus conceptual development bundle.

Theme Repository

A flashsheet of 300+ themes and topics that you can explore.

theme flash sheet to help artists identify their art practice

Reflection Journal

12 pages of reflection questions to help you identify what narrative you can tell.

reflection journal page mockup

Idea Workbook

A comprehensive document that guides you through breaking down and building ideas.

concept development work book sheets for working through art practice ideas

About the author

Meet Rosie Bird: artist and founder of Open Folio – a platform dedicated to helping artists grow. With years of industry experience and a passion for artistic advancement, Rosie invites you to elevate your practice and unlock your full creative potential with her eBook.

head shot of rosie bird, founder of Open-folio

So if you want to...

  • Gain confidence in your art practice

  • Discover exciting themes and artists

  • Learn how to unearth your potential

  • Be inspired

  • Learn practical ways of developing concepts

  • Understand what all the fuss is about with 'meaning'

  • Gain accessible knowledge and insights for free

  • Reflect on your own practice

  • Develop a deep connection with your work

  • Create work that is profound and relevant

  • Understand more about contemporary art and the world around you

  • Be walked through step by step how to identify and develop ideas

  • Uncover your own unique perspectives

  • Skip the bull$h1! and access real art world content.

  • Break free from the mold

  • Tap into the wisdom of the artists who are nailing it

  • discover hidden connections between your work and the art world's trending topics

  • Find your place in the art world

  • Gain the clarity and confidence to communicate your practice

  • Overcome imposter syndrome

  • Find joy and purpose in making art

What are you waiting for?


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This free art eBook and bundle is our gift to you, your passion, and your boundless artistic potential. No strings attached. 

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