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Empowering Contemporary Artists: The Open-folio Story

Open-folio is on a mission to empower contemporary artists, providing the tools and knowledge they need to thrive professionally.

As a fresh concept, we’re in the process of defining our brand and building partnerships with artists and industry experts. Our goal is to create digital resources that equip artists with essential business skills, enabling them to open new revenue streams and push the boundaries of their creative practices.

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What is Open-folio?

We exist to empower artists, both emerging talents and established creators, by providing a dynamic digital realm providing resources and opportunities for learning, networking, and advocacy. We’re on a mission to reshape the landscape of contemporary art, bridging the gap between artists, galleries, industry professionals, and the public to create a vibrant and mutually beneficial art ecosystem.

Our Values

At Open-folio, we stand for diversity and inclusivity. We celebrate the voices of artists and stories from marginalized backgrounds. We are an LGBTQI+ safe space and respectful of the First Nations Australians, recognizing that we are operating on stolen land. We value the artist’s experience and understand the struggle of navigating an art world where many outsiders do not value your work or contributions. We advocate for fair pay and working conditions for artists and recognize their high level of skill and dedication.

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The Background

My name is Rosie Bird, and I’m the driving force behind Open-folio. As an artist, researcher, writer, and educator, I’ve been deeply immersed in the world of art since childhood. Art has been the constant in my life, a source of comfort and inspiration. My personal journey has traversed both the United Kingdom and Australia, where I’ve had the opportunity to experience different facets of the art world.

My experiences range from being a studio artist and assistant to extensive studies in fine art theory and practice animation and game design as well as academic research and writing. Through it all, I was led by my passion for understanding complexities of contemporary art in past, present and future contexts. I’m interested in the artist as the vessel of untapped innovation with the potential to shape the future.

Rosie Bird - Founder of open-folio

Final Thoughts

To sum up what Open-folio is, you could say that it is an artists’ hub that is fluid and adapts to the needs of artists. It is for artists by artists and acts as fuel to the flame. While the specific processes may change, the essence and purpose will stay the same. We are the artist’s toolkit and incubator, we close the gap between artists, the art industry, and the public.

Our growth will be dynamic and collaborative. If you have something to say, say it. Send us an email, message us on our socials, join our Facebook group. Open-folio is mission-led and community-focused. Let’s fix these problems together.

Rosie Bird

Rosie is an artist and creative innovator from Brisbane Australia. With two fine arts degrees and years of experience in the contemporary art world, she has acquired a wealth of industry knowledge. She founded open-folio as a way of creating a vibrant online community of contemporary artists and helping them reach their fullest potential.

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